Picture This


Fiction - CompletelyCassidy 3 Front CoverI’m busy proof-reading the new Completely Cassidy book, Drama Queen, which is officially out in January. The proof read is an author’s last chance to check over the book to make sure everything is as it should be – no spelling mistakes, the right words are in the right place, it all makes sense – basically, it’s the Last Chance Saloon. And normally at this stage, I’d expect to have all the illustrations in place but my illustrator (the awesome Antonia Miller) is super-busy at the moment, so the pictures are being added later. I didn’t think it would make a big difference to my enjoyment of the book but it has and it’s made me realise how important pictures are to some stories.

Not all my books are illustrated. The Afterlife books aren’t. I don’t know whether my new TOP SECRET series (out next March) will have pictures…

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